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About the Foundation

Gary Reed
Board Director

Gary Reed is a Porterville resident and an appointed member of the Board of Governors through 2015. He has been a partner in the investment management firm of Reed, Shoemaker & Brookshire since 1993. He previously served as chief of staff to Assemblyman Bill Jones from 1991 to 1992 and as a Tulare County Supervisor from 1988 to 1990. Reed also serves on the Foundation for California Community College’s investment committee, a volunteer body made up of community leaders and finance professionals charged with the responsibility of directing and monitoring the management of the Foundation’s investment portfolio.

Reed is a member of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce and member of the Tulare County Retirement Board. 
  Management Team  
Keetha Mills
President and Chief Executive Officer

John O'Sullivan
Vice President of Finance and Chief
Financial Officer
Vice President of Program Development
Melissa Conner
Vice President of Advancement 

Mark Carlock
Vice President of Environmental Programs
Director of Air Quality

  Board of Directors 2015  

Lance Izumi
Chair of the Board

Manuel Baca
Vice Chair of the Board

James Sargen

Patricia Sullivan

Isabel Barreras

Mario Camara

Dan Noell

Alice Perez

Arnoldo Avalos

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