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Services for Consumers

 Top Consumer Services Include:

  1. Answering smog check questions. We can provide general information about emissions laws and repairs, or connect you with a Referee who can answer technical questions about your specific vehicle.
  2. Resolving failed smog checks. For a second opinion after a recent smog test, visit a Referee center. We operate by statewide California standards, so you can feel confident you are receiving an unbiased inspection and official results.
  3. Verifying smog check exemptions. If your vehicle is exempt from smog checks but you received a “Smog Certificate Required” statement on your DMV registration notice, visit a Referee to obtain verification of exemption that allows you to complete your registration.
  4. Issuing Repair Cost Waivers. Vehicle repairs can be costly, and if your vehicle requires more emissions-related modifications than you can afford, you might be eligible for a waiver that allows you up to two additional years to make the necessary repairs.
  5. Testing Specially Constructed Vehicles. Referees are authorized to offer specialized inspection services that are beyond the scope of regular smog stations, and can test vehicles such as kit cars, grey market vehicles, vehicles with engine changes, gross polluters, and out-of-state vehicles.
  6. Locating hard-to-find parts. Can’t find the part you need to bring your car into compliance with California emissions standards? Our toll-free telephone Emission Parts Locator Service can help you to either find the part or obtain a Parts Exemption that allows you to pass the smog test without the part.
  Smog Referee Call Center  

The Smog Check Referee call center makes it easy to get assistance with a smog check or vehicle inspection. By calling just one number, you can access multiple resources—from locating a hard-to-find part to scheduling an appointment at one of our locations. Call center agents have a wealth of valuable information about the smog check process, and can connect you with a Referee for more specific concerns. To contact the call center, please use our toll-free number: 1.800.622.7733

Need to schedule an appointment? Please be sure to have the following things in hand:

  • License Plate Number and/or Vehicle Identification number (VIN)
  • Specific reason as to why you were referred to the Referee
  • In most cases, you will need a copy of the most recent Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR/smog check)
  • Pen & Paper
  • Any additional documentation related to your vehicle issue (such as repair receipts).

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