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Collaborative Facilities Management

The new integrated FUSION + CCC GIS
+ ONUMA   system combines FUSION’s inventory of campus facilities and the CCC GIS Collaborative’s data on campus buildings and geography with building models in the ONUMA System.

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+ ONUMA  Fact Sheet>

Welcome to the CCC GIS Collaborative
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Getting Answers.

The Foundation for California Community Colleges is a proud supporter of the California Community Colleges GIS Collaborative. GIS enables users to combine different data sources with a standard set of system maps. It is a useful tool for district researchers, chief business officers, planners, and facilities managers for development, strategic communications, fundraising, enrollment modeling, and resource management.
  Mapping the California Community Colleges  
From enrollment forecasting to bond election planning, our collection of GIS (geographic information system) maps is helping to answer questions important to the California Community Colleges.

This first-of-its-kind research tool was made possible by the GIS Collaborative, a mostly volunteer team of researchers, faculty, students, and Community College nonprofit organizations—and founding members, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the System Office, and the Research and Planning Group.

The Collaborative worked with district leaders to find written, legal descriptions of the districts and to knit together the final 72 maps from a composite set of 1.5 million polygons, into a single, final statewide map, yielding a significant resource for better understanding and serving our colleges.

The Collaborative maintains a website that hosts an expanding library of data, maps, and resources, as well as specialized password-protected content. The Collaborative also provides web hosting and computer servers for colleges and our nonprofit partners, thus providing a statewide public infrastructure of support.

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