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Internet Resources

As we provide training throughout the state, California Connects Community Trainers are identifying websites and resources that others have found useful for doing business, socializing, learning, and much more.

California Connects will update these resource lists on an ongoing basis so be sure to check back for updates and new tools.

Getting Started


Ongoing Exploration

  Search Engines  

A great starting point is to visit a search engine and type in topics you are interested in. The search engine will then provide you with a list of websites, documents, images, and other digital information that relate to your topic. To get started, here are a few popular search engines:

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The internet provides an avenue to conduct business and maintain family and community ties. A key tool for communicating online is email. Here are a few popular free email providers:

Video Chat

To see and hear the person you are communicating with online using video chat, try Skype.

Social Networking

A commonly used tool to share (information, videos, photos, etc.) and connect with others in real-time (via instant messaging, games, etc.) is Facebook. Similarly, Twitter is a tool that you can send short text messages called “tweets” to others who have signed up online to receive your messages.

Blogging Tools

To create an online journal and share your thoughts, experiences, and information with others, consider creating a blog. A few popular blog sites include:

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  Health, Education, Finance, & Government  


  • Read about and research health conditions and access health advice online; for example, WebMD provides information about health conditions, healthy living, parenting, and even pet health! (Please note: this information should not replace consulting your doctor and health care provider.)
  • Access health related public assistance or your healthcare provider and set up an online account to request appointments, prescriptions, and communicate with your doctor – complete your transactions online rather than traveling to an office where you will have to wait for service in-person.


Develop your skills by accessing learning resources such as tutorials, videos, and informational websites:

  • USA Learns provides an interactive tutorial for individuals interested in learning to navigate between English and Spanish
  • Prepare for the California High School Exit Exam by using the Stepping Into Your Future "Steps" online math and English prep tool
  • Learn and practice Math and many other subjects with KhanAcademy.

Learn about colleges and training programs in your area:

Learn about upcoming events at your child’s school and communicate with your child’s teachers by visiting the school’s website.

Receive financial aid for college by filling out a FAFSA online in English or Espanol.


Read about and research financial resources online for personal and business use:

  • Set up an online banking account to pay your bills, transfer money, and view your account balance in real-time
  • Access financial public assistance and complete your requests online rather than traveling to an office where you will have to wait for service in-person
  • Have your kids learn money skills by playing video games at


Find out if youe are eligible for any government benefits at in English or Espanol

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  Digital Literacy  

New Users

Many digital literacy training modules can be found on the new website.

In partnership with American River College, California Connects is developing tools to help new internet users learn to use the internet for essential tasks such as conducting job research, building a resume, exploring higher education opportunities, accessing health and finance resources, and performing other functions of daily life. Check back this summer to explore our first online, interactive digital literacy training tool.

Advanced Users

If you are looking to brush up your digital literacy skills, Microsoft provides a range of free digital training resources. To learn about topics such as computer basics, the internet, computer security, and privacy, select the Basic Digital Literacy Course. After you complete each course, you will be given a short “assessment” or online exam to determine if you have learned each of the training topics covered in the course. You will also be able to download a certificate of completion after finishing the assessment.

Technology Ownership

California Connects is developing resources to assist new broadband users as they navigate the often complicated commercial landscape of purchasing technology resources and broadband access. Check back for resources currently under development by California Connects about how to purchase and/or access critical technology resources; topics include: comparison shopping, definition of key terms, and consumer rights.

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Please note that the websites and online resources referenced are not exhaustive and are not endorsed by California Connects. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations on the websites are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, the U.S. Department of Commerce, California Connects or our partners

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