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Smog Check Referee
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HEROS Air Quality Project
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Cleaner air through research and technology.

The High Emitters Repair or Scrap (HEROS) program is cooperative effort between South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the Foundation for California Community Colleges. In 2005, AQMD’s Governing Board approved a landmark $4 million voluntary pilot program to detect “gross-polluting” cars, pick-ups, SUVs, and vans using remote sensing, and to provide incentives to repair them or scrap and replace them. The HEROS program aims to reduce smog-forming and toxic vehicle emissions to improve public health and help the region make progress toward achieving federal air quality standards.  The pilot project is intended to augment the state’s existing Smog Check program.

The Foundation is conducting testing and repairs at 10 Community College campuses in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.  Each site is approved by the state Bureau of Automotive Repair to perform vehicle emissions testing.

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  Additional Air Quality Programs  
The Foundation for California Community Colleges has been contracted to operate the California Department of Consumer Affairs – Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) Smog Check Referee Program and Call Center since 2004. Through this program, students gain real-world experience working alongside experienced Smog Check Referee staff and dealing directly with local consumers and their vehicles. Community College campuses benefit from the use of modern equipment and receive financial support for space sharing. Learn more >

In addition, The Foundation is working on a joint study with the California Air Resources Board and State of California Auto Dismantlers Association. The study will focus on the amount of refrigerant left in vehicles waiting to be dismantled or crushed at wrecking yards, and whether it accounts for a substantial amount of greenhouse gas.

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