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Nursing Resource Center

Suite of Tools

The Nursing Resource Center features the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) and Centralized Faculty Resource Center (CFRC). CCPS is used to schedule clinical placements and find new availabilities in your area. CFRC is a hub where nursing faculty and nurses interested in becoming faculty can post free profiles and find professional development resources. Learn about the features and benefits of each tool below.
  Centralized Clinical Placement System  
CCPS Website
The Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) streamlines the clinical experience scheduling process and exposes untapped openings, allowing programs to increase enrollment. Nursing instructors’ needs are matched to openings at clinical agencies throughout the region. Visit the CCPS website >
System Benefits
  • Online and real-time
  • Visibility to clinical availability
  • Ability to expand capacity
  • No software to load
  • Easy-to-manage placement requests
  • Automatic email notifications
  • All data controlled by coordinators

  Centralized Faculty Resource Center  
CFRC Website
The Centralized Faculty Resource Center (CFRC) aims to address the need for qualified and willing educators by creating a one-stop resource that connects nursing professionals and schools of nursing. Experienced nurses interested in teaching, both part-time and full-time, can post profiles and nursing programs can post job openings. The CFRC facilitates the sharing of part-time faculty between nursing programs. The website also includes resources such as training opportunities, industry news, and scholarship and grant information.

Site Features
  • Faculty candidate profile repository
  • Job postings for faculty opportunities
  • Daily nursing education news
  • Training and development resources
  • Scholarship and educational grant resources
  • Direct communication between schools and candidates

  Get Started  
New markets can be up and running in approximately two weeks. Initial set-up and annual user fees vary based on each user's preference. Individual user set-up and initial data entry can often be completed within a few hours. A typical set-up may include:
  • A portal page with entry to CCPS and CFRC
  • System upgrades to CCPS and CFRC
  • Technical support
  • Manuals and online help tools
  • Initial training for users and administrators
  • Marketing and outreach tools
Find out how you can become part of an existing NRC or or start a new NRC in your region, here >

  Proven Results  
An independent study of San Francisco nursing programs reported a 29.6 percent increase in enrollment in the five-county Bay Area from 2004 to 2007. Evaluators stated that CCPS has helped facilitate up to 10.2 percent of this growth. They noted an increase in the percent of hospitals that placed students during non-traditional times (off-shift and weekend), and also that all clinical departments had an increase in placements.

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