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Five ways Career Pathway meets your needs: Partnerships with colleges, access to qualified students, leading education nonprofit, recruitment pipelines, comprehensive services
  Why Hire a Student?  

Businesses report the following benefits from working with student assistants:

Create pool of potential employees
Working with student assistants will allow you to identify the best potential candidates for full-time employment.

Reduce turnover and training costs
Junior-level employees who previously served as student assistants are already familiar with your organization. This prior experience can save you time and money on training costs and pre-establish company loyalty.

Develop existing employees
Junior-level managers within your organization have an opportunity to gain supervisory experience with student assistants.

Hire with confidence and flexibility
Student assistants can serve as additional staff during peak times or can supplement your project demands.

Increase company recognition
Word-of-mouth in an ever competitive marketplace is important for increasing the pool of qualified candidates to meet your recruiting needs. Student assistants serve as ambassadors for sharing positive experiences with other students and faculty.

Tap into new talent
Cultivate energetic, enthusiastic, and eager student assistants who bring a fresh perspective to your organization.

  Save Time and Money  

Our services cover all aspects of recruitment and placement:

Online job posting and tracking
Provide job openings to prospective student employees effectively and efficiently.

Prequalifying of applicants

Select from qualified students in relevant fields of study who maintain a minimum grade point average.

Conducting new hire orientation

Students complete our orientation and arrive at your office prepared to work.

Online timesheet tracking
Use our advanced system to easily track and approve student employee hours from your computer.

Personnel and payroll recordkeeping
Reduce your human resources burden by relying on us to maintain employment records and monitor academic performance.

Payroll processing
Count on us, as the official employer, to calculate and pay student wages, cover employment-related insurance costs, and handle year-end tax reporting.

Cost savings
Our charges are calculated solely to cover the expenses of the services we provide. Administrative and overhead fees are based on a percentage of the cost of the contract, depending on the level of the service selected.

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