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Career Pathway

Student Testimonials

Career Pathway typically employs over 500 students annually from 150 colleges and universities throughout California. Ranging from first-year undergraduates to Ph.D. candidates, more than 3,000 students have been hired since the program began. Read what participating students are saying about the Career Pathway program below:

Business Services

"This opportunity allows me to work, provide for my family, and attain my educational goal."
-Nickolas Saldivar III | More >

Graphic Design

Chris Rumble

"I'd have to say my favorite part about working as a student assistant has been experiencing the application of the theory I have been working so hard to learn."
– Chris Rumble | More >

Environmental Hydrogeology

Alejandra Lopez

"The hands on experience and the flexible hours, that allow me to expand my tool kit and at the same time facilitate my college education, by providing funds and allocate time for school."
– Alejandra Lopez | More >

Business and Marketing

Samuel Ritualo, Jr.

"Career Pathway program has provided the ultimate tool that will benefit me in the long-run, which is networking. With this tool I am able to obtain references that will help me in my future career. "
– Samuel Ritualo, Jr. | More >

Environmental Engineering

Elizabeth Dorantes

"This pathway has tremendously helped me to re-affirm my passion for the regulating industry to help sustain our water bodies for future generations to enjoy."
– Elizabeth Dorantes | More >

Teaching Credential

Tyler Johnstone

"I am exposed to the way that academic perspective differs from the true policy realm. The combination of these experiences will make me a much stronger candidate for future employment."
– Tyler Johnstone | More >

Public Policy

Jennifer Tagliamonte

"The program has given me hands on experience of the legislative process. As someone interested in public policy, this has helped me understand the complex progression of bills in the legislature."
– Jennifer Tagliamonte | More


Jessica Levya

"I have been able to work in a professional environment under great people...willing to give their time and knowledge so that I can gain skills that are necessary in the work field."
– Jessica Levya | More >

 Environmental Science

Michelle Kearney

"I am able to focus on my graduate school work, and assist the staff with coordinating research projects, review and track project progress and products, and conduct site visits."
– Michelle Kearney | More


  Nickolas Saldivar III  

What college/university do you attend?
McGeorge School of Law

Who is your agency employer?
Agricultural Labor Relations Board

I graduated from Menlo College with a BS in International Management. I joined the Foundation in 2012 as a student in my final semester. Originally, I planned on attending McGeorge School of Law as a full-time day student. Within my first month of employment, the ALRB then posted the Business Services Officer position. This opportunity would allow me to work, provide for my family, and attain my educational goal. I applied, interviewed, and was later hired as the new Business Services Officer. I worked with McGeorge School of Law and transferred into the evening division. I am in my second year of law school and approaching my 2-year anniversary with the ALRB as the Business Services Officer.

My continuing educational goals are to successfully complete a JD and a MBA. I plan on using my education in government administration. My time with the Foundation allowed me to work within the ALRB and showcase my skillset. I am honored that the Foundation opportunity blossomed into a full-time position. I urge other students to seek employment via Foundation because I found great success in
the program. 


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